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Five Must-Have Home Books

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The first thing I packed for our trip this week (snacks don’t count – those were obviously first) were some new home books for the plane. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of education, a good read or just a stunner to flip through on your coffee table, I put together a list of my absolute favorites I’ve collected. I know this is quickly going to expand to “Twenty Must-Have Home Books” because there’s a handful I’ve been dying to dive into still. But in the meantime, lets get to it:

1. Timeless – Patrick Ahearn

I think I may have actually drooled on the cover of this beauty when I set eyes on it for the first time. If you’ve ever wanted the world’s most beautiful coffee table book, look no farther. Patrick Ahearn has a knack for all things wood shakes, cobblestone and nostalgia. He’s worked on everything from restorations, renovations, new construction and with his seamless style you’d never be able to tell which is which. Timeless hits the nail on the head with some of the most stunning homes I’ve ever set my eyes on. Sorry Sean, the budget just went up.

2. Homebody – Joanna Gaines

Everyone should own this book. Yes, that’s a bold statement, but it’s so very true. The beginning of Homebody – and my favorite part of the book – helps you identify which design style you most resinate with. As you’re flipping through, there’s a key that tells you how much of each design style is in that particular home featured on that page. If you like what you’re seeing, just look at the key and you might find you actually love bohemian industrial design. It’s super eye opening and this one is by far my go-to book for diving deeper into specific styles.

3. A Year in Flowers – Erin Benzakein

Your outside space is as much of your home as the space between your walls. Brining the outside inside is a huge factor to me in making rooms feel lived in, and really combining those two elements of your home. A Year In Flowers is a hands on guide that shows you how to use seasonal blooms to make all kinds of arrangements for different occasions. The pages are stunning cover to cover and guys – it just landed on the freaking New York Times best sellers list and has been out for something like two weeks!! (A+ Erin, you deserve it!) If that doesn’t attest to this little must-have I don’t know what does.

4. Whiskey in a Tea Cup – Reese Witherspoon

This one is basically a how-to guide if you want to become Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama (which could be partially because it’s written by Reese Witherspoon). Whiskey in A Tea Cup is super fun and covers literally all the things. From dinner etiquette, to hosting and decorating it’s a super entertaining read. You’ll even get some delicious recipes and learn how to roll your hair along the way.

5. Styled – Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a styling magician. Her Instagram has been my daily go-to for tips, tricks and really just seeing how cute her outfits are. When I heard she had a new book out I had to pick it up. Styled is a tactical guide to styling literally any area in your home. She shows you how to design spaces I didn’t even know needed styling! It’s the perfect guide for giving your space personality, uniqueness and that lived-in feel.

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    Rather enlightening….look forwards to visiting again.

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