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Five Easy Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

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We are not planners. I’m not kidding – We booked flights to Iceland once and our only real planning was to bring one of those old school fold up road maps of the entire country incase we lost GPS signal. We didn’t even book our lodging until a few days before we left. (I know, we have some of you sweating over there.)

Needless to say, we never plan out fun nights for Hallmark holidays. Well 2020 we’re making some changes and are being more intentional while keeping things simple around here. So in the spirit of pudgy baby Cupid, here are some easy Valentine’s Day date night ideas for the non-planners out there.

1. Vino and the crew

This is the easiest one on the list! Text a few of your favorite couples and have everyone bring a different bottle of wine over (chances are they didn’t plan anything yet either). If you really want to get into it, have them grab a block of their favorite cheese too. You can whip up a few easy apps or finger food to go with it. Then open all of the bottles (yes, open them all) and take turns trying the different wines everyone brought.

BOOM: At home wine tasting at its easiest. If you want you can substitute wine and do a whiskey or bourbon tasting instead. Whatever you’re into – we’re not here to judge.

2. Your second first date

Sean thought of this one all on his own and I’m not going to lie it’s one of my favorite things. I met Sean at a brewery for what I didn’t know would be our first date. We were working together and he left his phone charger at the office. He suckered me into meeting him at a local brewery to drop the charger off. I was so adamant that it wasn’t a date that I sat there and didn’t eat anything while Sean chowed down on a full meal haha!

Over six years later we love going back to that brewery and chatting about our first non-date-date-night.

3. Cooking kits

If you haven’t tried one of these yet they are the bee’s knees. After making these kits a ton of times we’ve really grown to love cooking together. We make Blue Apron meals all of the time, and they’re so nice because they come with exactly the amount of everything you need. If the recipe calls for one stalk of celery, you get exactly one stalk – no waste. If you live in Michigan like us, Kroger grocery stores have Home Chef meals you can pick up there too!

4. Home theater

Super simple and all of the things Sam loves: movies, snacks and… snacks. Grab a handful of DVDs (remember, those circular things that even came with sweet deleted scenes) and have a movie night in. Go to the $1 section of your local grocery store and grab a few handfuls of boxed candy and some popcorn too while you’re at it! PS: This one’s kid friendly so you won’t even have to find a sitter.

** Five bonus points if you have one of those sweet projector screens.

5. Drinks, dessert and no TV

Sam is the biggest snack monster in the league, so there are many times we’ve had just drinks and dessert. Grab a fancy dessert from a cute bakery and pair it with a nice glass of Educated Guess (the best cabernet around). Break out the board games, a puzzle, have some real conversation and shut down the picture box for the night. Five Crowns is one of our favorite card games right now!

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