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Battle on the Beach | Guest Suite Winners!

All of the tea on our WINNING guest suite! That gives us not one, but two wins so far, and we took the victory for both the main and guest suites!

Starting out with the bedroom portion, it really wasn’t in too bad of shape. We knew the dated paneling and carpet had to go, but we loved the wood ceiling and wanted to keep it as is. After installing new LVP flooring and drywall, all this room really needed was some paint and fresh, coastal decor. We didn’t want to repeat the blue from our main suite, so we went with sage green and wood tones throughout the room. We matched a rattan head board with wood frames and coastal prints over the bed. Using green with our pillows, throw blanket, rug and our custom built wardrobes added a pop of color to the room. Taniya even helped upholster a window seat for a cozy reading nook!

The bedroom portion of this suite was easy to figure out compared to the bathroom. The current 5’x6′ bathroom was super cramped, and only accessible through the hallway outside of the room. We decided to close off it’s original entry, and combine what used to be the bedroom closet with the existing bathroom, to make one grand space for this guest suite.

The wall we needed to open was load bearing, so the only way to move forward with our design was to add two columns on the sides of our room, to support the new header that we installed. The next trick to disguising our load-bearing posts was to make them look intentional. We added a shelf in the shower, and used our tile-budget-hack in this room again by installing a super low cost tile, but laying it in an interesting pattern. We installed a blue glazed tile in a brick pattern, and added a white pencil tile to create a stripe every four rows. The rest of the room was kept clean and fresh with rectangle white floor tile and white hexagon tile on the shower floor. We added black accents with our lighting, vanity and mirrors to add a needed hint of contrast.

Let us know what part of our winning guest suite from Battle on the Beach is your favorite!! Be sure to tune in next Monday to HGTV at 9/8c for another new episode!




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