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Battle on the Beach | Season 4!

When we found out we were headed to Oak Island, North Carolina for HGTV’s Battle on the Beach Season 4, we were a little in disbelief. If we didn’t have a 14 hour car ride to let it sink in, we might not have believed it at all.

We’ve watched HGTV forever, and were even on our own show a few years back (I Bought a Dump… Now What?), but this felt pretty big time! Contestants on past season all have had loads of experience and us… well we renovated our house. That’s it. One big project under our belts. We were eager to meet our competition and it turns out they were some pretty cool cats!

We came together from all over the country! Kristin and Chyenne are from Texas. Brandon and Teresa travelled from Virginia. And of course we came from Michigan! You can follow us all on Instagram throughout the show for some sweet behind the scenes here:

It was a tough decision to go on the show, because our baby was only five months old at the start of filming. We also both work full time jobs. Up and leaving on such short notice felt insane. Luckily, our families were super supportive and excited for the opportunity. They alternated coming down to North Carolina to help with Leighton and helping back home at our house with our cat Atlas and flock of chickens.

Well you’ve read this far, and that’s all for now! Be sure to tune in this upcoming Monday, June 3rd at 9pm EST for the season premier of Battle on the Beach Season 4 and cheer us on! PS: Here is a little sneak peek into the chaos we got ourselves into. Hopefully HGTV doesn’t regret having us!!


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