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Closing Day: Buying an Abandoned Farm

A few people have asked what we were thinking – I’m not totally sure I can explain that one, but I would like to give you a little insight into this beautiful mess of ours. One year and eight months ago Sean and I were headed to babysit my nieces. I headed out a little before him and on my way there a cute little farmhouse caught my eye. Let’s clear this up, by cute I mean graffiti on the outside, plants growing out of the roof, broken glass in the yard, boarded up windows and landscaping straight out of Jumanji. As soon as Sean arrived to meet me for our babysitting venture, he looked at me all curious and said, “Did you see that abandoned farmhouse on the corner?”

Now lets backtrack real quick – Over the last four years Sean and I have put offers in on multiple farmhouses, bought one foreclosed at auction that we ended up having to sign the deed back over (insert all the crying emojis), attempted to buy three other farmhouses that all ended up getting torn down… you get the picture. The struggle has been real.

Anyways, Sean and I spent the next few weeks (months) tracking down the farm owner. He was equally as shocked to find out we were interested in buying the place since he just got a quote to tear it down. He gave us a “flashlight tour” since there’s no power, and at the end we told him we wanted to buy it. After asking us several times if we were really sure on this, he got to work getting the house, barns and some acreage parceled off from the rest of the farm for us. One year and eight months after our first visit to the farm we got the call that it was time to close on the property. After filling out the paperwork at our attorney’s office, we stood in the parking lot staring at each other, wondering if this had really happened. We made a pit stop to grab some beer then headed straight to the farm to celebrate what is sure to be our biggest adventure yet.

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